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Software Developer 3 years - 6 years
Ryzlink Corporation Santa Clara, California United States
$ 45
Design, analyze, configure, integrate, and implement web applications using Java, HTML/5, Jest, JavaScript, React/Router/JS, Bootstrap, CSS, AJAX, Mocha, Chai, SCRUM, Redux, Linux, MacOS, Windows, VS Code, Atom, WebStorm, Git/Hub, Agile, and TDD.
Analyze, understand, and gather functional and technical requirements.
Test, review, maintain, support, and troubleshoot applications and fix bugs. Document post programming, design, and development processes.
May require travel/relocation to unanticipated work locations within the USA.
Require Master of Science in computer science/engineering, computer information systems/technology, Engineering, or related field and 2 years’ experience in the job offered, software engineer, systems/programmer engineer/analyst, web developer, consultant or related field.
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